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Why Are Chandeliers So Expensive?

Chandelier Price Range 

There is a wide price range for chandeliers. From as low as $50 that you can find in site likeAmazon, which most are mini-chandeliers that size is less than 20 inches. 

If you are talking about decent size chandeliers, 30 inches and above, as one of the main decoration for your house, then they are normally not that cheap. However, it still have a wide price range from $250to $300000. 

Why are chandeliers so expensive?

Chandeliers are expensive because it does require special expertise to make them and the time and effort required is not trivial at all. More importantly, there are rarely any manufacturers in US or EU who make chandeliers which means that most chandelier products are imported from abroad. 

From manufacturers to importers, to wholesalers, to physical stores and or websites, and eventually to customers, you can see how the price went up step by step. 

The Standard Model: Everyone in the middle adds a cost which you as customer eventually pay for it. 

Why are chandeliers so expensive? - Sofary Lighting


Another important factor, the kind of crystal will affect the price of the chandelier a lot as well. Below are list of crystal types whose price range from high to low.  

  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Glass 
  • Spectra Crystal 
  • Egyptian / Moroccan Crystal (Gemcut) 
  • Turkish Crystal (Handcut, Heritage Handcut, Regal) 
  • Italian Crystal (Legacy, Venetian) 
  • K9 and Chinese Crystal.  

    Unless you are an expert, most consumers cannot really tell the difference between different types of crystals.

    Chandelier Purchase Strategy 

    Based on the information above, you should be able to come up with some simple strategies about how to find chandeliers at an affordable price.  

    • Try to find chandelier manufacturers abroad, like us - Sofary Lighting - who sell products online directly so that you do not have to pay all those extra costs to the middle man.  For example, you can buy the Luxury Solar System Chandelier, which could easily cost you $2000+, from Sofary start with just $638.99.
    • Choose crystals down to the button of the list, like K9, which will save you lots of money and they looks just as gorgeous as those super expensive ones. 

    Why Sofary Lighting? 

    We believe that everyone should be able to afford chandeliers and any other modern lighting which can enlighten our home to make it feel warm and welcoming. That is why we do it differently than the standard mode. 

    Our Approach: We remove everything in the middle and connect you directly with manufacturers which can save you up to 80%. 

    Make chandelier affordable - Sofary Lighting

    We own an excellent team of designers, craftspeople, technicians and other talents and our factory is located at Guzhen, Guangdong, which is one of the four largest lighting fittings distributing centers in the world, also the Lighting Capital of China so that have access to all rich resources and are consistently exposed to the latest trends.  

    We also have set up a sub-company in Seattle, USA, which is BBB credited, so that our customers will not have the un-comfortable feeling if they are only deal with a company that is not within United State and lack a sense of trust. 


    Modern Lighting You Can afford! – This is our slogan and what we always commit to! 

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