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What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?

Chandeliers are an excellent way to give any space in your home that extra WOW factor. However, you don't want to make the mistake of buying a chandelier that isn't right for the room. How do you know what to look for when you're choosing the perfect chandelier for your space? Read this article and find out! 

There aren't many things that can add a sense of class to a home like a chandelier can. Whether it's a grand masterpiece or a simple, yet elegant light fixture, a chandelier sure knows how to brighten up a room. 

A good choice of crystal dining room chandelier can make your dining area more welcoming. A shining crystal ceiling fan can make your bedroom even more comfortable than it already is. To get the most out of a chandelier, though, you have to know what to look for when buying one.  

What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?

Buying a chandelier takes a lot of thought. It's not a decision you can make on a whim or just because. But, it doesn't have to be overly complicated, either! 

Here's everything you need to do to find the perfect chandelier for your home. 

The Various Kinds of Chandeliers 

Be careful of not confusing yourself with all the different kinds of chandelier lights and frames when you shop for a chandelier. This isn't just about having something nice in your home. You have to find a chandelier of the right shape, style, and proportions. 

There are many variations of how a chandelier can look. From the material it's made of to the amount of space it takes up, chandelier shopping offers more options than you may be prepared for. 

Focus on the following details to better narrow everything down. 


Some chandeliers look like a round cage while others are elegant glass boxes made to hang from the ceiling. There are also cluster chandeliers which are kind of like a modern take on traditional crystal chandeliers. 

Not to mention, drum chandeliers, empire chandeliers, and island chandeliers. There are certain styles that command attention and others that complement a room in a more subtle manner. 

What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?


How are you ever going to decide between all the shapes of chandeliers out there? By considering which ones best match the interior decor style you already have in your home. 

Chandelier shapes like empire designs, crystal shapes, and mini glass chandeliers are ideal for high-class homes. They're made for sophistication and elegance. 

Other shapes, like a wagon wheel, lantern style, or a drum chandelier, create more comfort and coziness than elegance. These are ideal for country homes with French details or vintage-style setups. 

Then there's the matter of matching a chandelier with an industrial decor style or shabby chic interior. If you're at a loss deciding what the best chandeliers for your home are, think about the home's design first.  

What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?

The Right Weight and Size of a Chandelier 

In addition to the aesthetics of buying a chandelier, you must think about a few practical things, too. The most important of these is the weight. 

No matter how beautiful a certain choice looks, it's not the right one if your home can't support it. Think about how you plan to hang your new chandelier. 

More importantly, consider whether your "dream" chandelier is the right size for you or not. You may have to compromise if it doesn't look right in a certain room. 

Check out this chandelier size guide to help you figure out the right chandelier size for your house

What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?

The Ideal Placement for Your New Decor Piece 

Most people think chandeliers are just for nice dining areas or large living rooms. There are definitely more than that. Nowadays, chandeliers has become more and more popular for staircase and even bedrooms.  

For the Kitchen and Dining Area 

While it makes perfect sense to have a chandelier in the dining room, not everyone notices the way they can light up a kitchen. This is not a detail to overlook, especially if your kitchen has an open layout that leads into adjoining rooms. 

Imagine two simple, modern chandeliers hanging above your kitchen island, or one that captures your attention the moment you walk in. Close your eyes and picture yourself cooking and entertaining in this space while showing off your new chandelier. 

What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?

In the Bedroom 

Some chandeliers are meant to be shown off and others are more for your eyes only. Such is the case with bedroom light fixtures. 

Your bedroom is your little getaway within a large home. It's your special place to share with your partner and just be yourself. While an extravagant chandelier may not fit the bill here, a calming, simple chandelier may fit just right. Consider this the next time you're laying on your bed and looking at your bare ceiling. 

To Hang in the Foyer 

Do you want to wow your visitors the moment they walk through your front door? If you have an open entryway, make as much use of this space as possible. Hang a chandelier in the foyer to blow your guests away. 

Keep in mind the height of the chandelier above the floor needs to be according to standard. A chandelier should never be less than 7 feet off the floor when hung in a foyer. Homes with higher ceilings and a single floor can have the chandelier even further from the ground, and those with two stories should have the chandelier level to the second floor.  

What Should You Take into Consideration When Buying a Chandelier?

This catches attention no matter how many times a certain friend or family members has been in your home. Every time they arrive, they're sure to be just as impressed as before. 

Make Your Chandelier Dreams Come True 

If you've been dreaming of buying a chandelier for years, it's time to make these dreams come true. Even if you're only in the research stage or you're still saving up, the sooner you start the process, the faster a new chandelier will arrive at your door. 

Start searching for the right choice today.Click hereto explore our options! 

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