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The Lighting Guide: How to Light Your Foyer

Your foyer or hallway can make or break your home's impression. This is why you should make it enticing. Don't you want your guests to go, "oh, wow! Your house is so beautiful." Keep reading this 101 guide to know everything you need about foyer lighting and chandelier types available in the market. 

Your foyer or hallway can make or break your home's impression. This is why you should make it enticing. Don't you want your guests to go, "oh, wow! Your house is so beautiful." Well, there are a few elements to make it happen. But the significant element that sets the tone of your home and entryway is its lighting. If you get it right, you will be able to match other decors and details to flow with the foyer lighting. 

But how will you select the proper lighting if you have zero clue about it? Keep reading this 101 guide to know everything you need about foyer lighting and chandelier types available in the market. 

Modern Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary

Types of Chandeliers That You Should Select for Different Types of Spaces

It's no secret that foyers differ in size. This is why it's vital to check the size of your foyer before you purchase a chandelier. If your house has two stories, you may need a 2 story foyer chandelier because only then will you receive adequate light to cover the entire space. Similarly, a narrow or small foyer might not require a gigantic chandelier. You can instead settle for something that will go with the space of your foyer.

Be it a tall or short ceiling foyer, and you must know the guidelines to select the best-suited chandelier for it. Keep reading to learn more about the type of chandelier that matches your foyer.

A. Big, open foyer with tall ceilings

If you have an open foyer with tall ceilings, you have plenty of choices. But selecting the right chandelier for your tall ceiling can be daunting if you don't know how to do it. 

So you know a chandelier is a piece of statement jewelry for your foyer. It becomes the focal point of the interior once installed. So you have to focus on the important factors, such as the room's décor, shape, size, and adequate lighting. 

When you have a tall ceiling that goes beyond 11 feet, you should understand that you cannot settle for a simple pendant light. If you do, you may have to spend a lot of money decorating and highlighting other elements of the foyer. Instead, you can find a suitable chandelier to save yourself from unnecessary décor expenses that add no value to the overall space. 

Take a look at the following pictures; these are rounder yet long chandeliers and suit tall ceilings. Don't they?

Two Stories Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary

Cascading chandeliers are amazing, and they improvise the foyer's interior gracefully. But one of the main mistakes that we often come across is forgetting the primary reason for adding chandeliers to our foyer – adequate lighting.

Of course, these decorative pieces create excellent ambiance and style. So while bearing these factors in mind, it's important to select chandeliers that create a soothing atmosphere. Remember to decide on the lighting demands when you purchase an entryway chandelier.

Two Stories Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary

B. Low ceiling foyer

Selecting a chandelier for the tall ceiling isn't a daunting task as you have the guidelines now. But what if you have a low ceiling? Well, you don't have to fret about it if you have a simple home with a low ceiling because we've got your back. Low ceilings and spherical or square chandeliers make a perfect duo. For example, a cozy, small foyer might combine well with an organized entryway chandelier. 

In our experience and opinion, we think that deciding a chandelier for a foyer shouldn't be rushed. Instead, it's vital to consider the size of the foyer and the distance between the ceiling and the floor. If you see the following pictures, you'll see how adorable these tiny chandeliers are. They are not too much or too little. They perfect the foyer's space elegantly.   

Low Ceiling Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary


It's important to ensure that the chandelier will not consume the entire space. It should be added as a subtle yet stunning element to the house's interior. Below are some of our personal favorites.

Low Ceiling Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary


It's Not Only the Space But Also the Style. While you take good care of the foyer space, you should also think about the style. There are plenty of styles available in the market. 

For example, if you are melodramatic and want your crowd's attention, then a modern chandelier or 2 story foyer chandelier like our Luxury Solar System Spiral Raindrop Chandelier might serve the purpose. But make sure to check the foyer space to ensure that these chandeliers will match the interior. If you take a look at the glamorous chandeliers, it's undoubtedly capable of grabbing visitors' attention.

What Foyer Chandelier That You Can Select Based on Your Home Style

As it is a definitive component of your foyer light fixtures, you can go through the following styles before settling for one. These statement pieces can set the mood of your entire space, act as a conversation piece, and many more. 

This is why you have to educate yourself before selecting a particular style. The following statement would give you ideas of what kinds of chandelier style you can pick for your foyer. Once you know the details, you will have the possibility to surf through. Hence, read on.

A. Modern crystal chandelier

These mid-century chandeliers are remarkable. In fact, a modern chandelier is a step ahead, and it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nothing more can perfect an entryway than a chandelier does. If you check out a large chandelier for foyer, you'll see how it grabs the attention. When someone enters your home, the first thing they notice is the element that you've made a focal point in your home.

No, we're not exaggerating. Just take a look at these pictures, and you'll know. The way they fall from the roof to the floor seems like poetry itself.

Modern Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary


If you're interested in minimalistic yet sleek designs, there couldn't be a better choice than a modern chandelier.

B. Contemporary chandelier

So if you are looking for contemporary chandeliers, we understand. When searching for a cutting-edge design, it's no wonder that you get exhausted because possibilities expand more than you could comprehend.

The contemporary-style lighting uses simple lines and curves to create a smooth outline. It is simple, without over decoration or noisy textures. These contemporary pieces are innovative yet minimalistic, and you can see how they reimagine as the perfect choice for daily use. 

If you are all about designs influenced by features of grayscale tones, minimal or simple lines and curves, then it's no secret that your style is contemporary.

Contemporary Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary

C. Farmhouse chandelier

If you want chandeliers with a nostalgic touch, then farmhouse chandeliers are what you're looking for. They are not pretentious. Instead, they are raw, earthy, and rustic. If your style is about making your home look warmer and cozier, then farmhouse chandeliers will work best for you.

You can create the rustic style with chandeliers as they have a rustic charm. Chandeliers are way more than an element that adds beauty. They are a conversation element and have several layers so they add more depth to your home's interior. A farmhouse chandelier can easily captivate your guests and make them feel cozy and welcomed.

If you want to create a vintage look, you may have to consider farmhouse chandeliers. They are evidently detailed, so you can't help noticing them. Every chandelier tells a story, and you only hear it if you are keenly interested.

On top of all, anyone who's fond of vintage style wouldn't want anything else than farmhouse chandeliers.

Farmhouse Chandeliers for Foyer | Sofary

How to determine the correct size of the Entryway Chandelier for Your Foyer?

Finding a modern chandelier is easy, but finding the right entryway chandelier to fit your foyer is daunting. This is why it's essential to consider the size of the chandelier and hall/foyer before you finalize your decision.

A. Determine the right size of chandelier for the low ceiling foyer

First off, check the diameter of the chandelier. You have to measure the length and width (in feet) of the space. Once you have it summed up, you can decide the chandelier's approximate diameter (in inches). For example, if it's a 128 square feet hall, then a chandelier with a diameter of 24 inches would fit perfectly. The following image will provide more clarity.

Size Guide for Foyer | Sofary

Second off, check the height of the chandelier. Generally, if your ceiling height is 9-10 feet, your chandelier's bottom should be 7.5 feet away from your floor.

Size Guide for Foyer | Sofary


B. Determine the right size of chandelier for the tall ceiling foyer

If you're considering a 2 story foyer chandelier, you should check its look from the second floor. The best technique is to measure the space from floor to ceiling (in feet) and multiply the value by 2.5 to find the approximate height of the chandelier (inches). This is majorly applicable for 2 story ceiling chandeliers, while it wouldn't best suit pendant light.

You can consider the second floor as the reference point. You should place the 2 story foyer chandelier at the top or slightly lower than the staircase. If you do it this way, the top section of the chandelier will be seen at eye level, as mentioned in the following image. 

Size Guide for Foyer | Sofary

You can also check out our Sofary guide to check the general calculation –"Measure spaces' length and width in feet, sum them up, and that will be approximate diameter for the chandelier in inches." That's pretty much about the size, style, and space of placing the right chandelier in your foyer.  


Now that you've got a complete guide to light your foyer, it's not going to be a daunting task. You would have overlooked the foyer space up until now but don't do it anymore because they're the very space that decides the tone of the rest of your home. While you take serious care about decorative elements, don't forget to pay attention to lighting and chandeliers. 

Rustic Vintage Pendant Light With Brass Body White Glass Lampshade

We've discussed a lot about lighting up a foyer and finding the right chandelier. So here's our best collection of foyer crystal chandeliers for you! Thank us later!

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