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Brilliant Lighting At A Fair Price | About us | Sofary Lighting

The SOFARY Vision:

"Create Moments of Magic with Brilliant Lighting for All." This vision extends beyond home lighting fixtures. We deliver transformative experiences, infusing every room with a touch of enchantment and wonder.

Vision | Sofary Lighting

The SOFARY Business Idea:

Our vision sets the stage, but it's our business idea that illuminates the path at SOFARY. That is, to deliver an expansive selection of exquisitely designed, high-quality lighting fixtures at prices so reasonable that everyone can enjoy well-lit spaces without breaking the bank. In short, brilliant lighting at a fair price!

Business Idea | Sofary Lighting

The SOFARY Promise

Quality Promise | Sofary Lighting


We believe in uncompromising quality without inflating costs. Our lighting fixtures are manufactured to the highest standards and rigorously assessed. We maintain this commitment to quality while ensuring affordability for your home.

Affordability Promise | Sofary Lighting


We're dedicated to making quality lighting accessible to our customers. Our direct-from-manufacturers approach can save you up to 80% compared to local stores, ensuring quality lighting fits your budget.

Accountability Idea | Sofary Lighting


Within 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied, items in new/unused condition may be returned for a full refund. (Shipping cost will not be refunded,unless items are defective) Learn More.

Why Sell Less | Sofary Lighting

How We Sell Luxury Lighting for Less

Shedding Light on Industry Secrets

  • The In-house Advantage:

    We employ our designers, craftsmen and manufacturing specialists to reduce costs and ensure quality throughout the production process. We also own our facilities, driving our operational costs down even further. The best part? All those savings get passed along to our customers.

  • Simplifying for Savings:

    With Sofary, you’re buying directly from the designers and manufacturers that make your lighting fixture. Our process eliminates importers, distributors and other middle men – and their price markups.

  • Free Shipping for All:

    Forget the sky-high fees other retailers demand just for delivering your fixture. We never charge customers for shipping their purchases safely and swiftly.

Sell Less Reason | Sofary Lighting

We Do Customization

Your Lighting Designer

We offer customization service since we work so closely with crystal chandelier manufacturers, which is NOT something that can be offered by other online lighting stores or physical local stores at all. If you did not find the chandelier exactly as you expected on our website, no matter whether it is related to size, color, and even style, feel free to reach out to us at support@sofary.com and we are always here to help.

Customization | Sofary Lighting
Brilliant Lighting At A Fair Price | About us | Sofary Lighting

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Our Locations

An International Company Built to Serve Customers

  • Seattle, Washington

    Home base for our leadership team, our Seattle office handles day-to-day operations and companywide initiatives.

  • Zhongshan, China

    Known as China's "Lighting Capital", the city of Zhongshan is where we've teamed up with the best manufacturers.

  • Shenzhen, China

    Long called the "Silicon Valley of China", the city of Shenzhen is home to most of our technology team.