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Free shipping?

Due to the Covid-19 situation right now, our free shipping could take longer than normal up to around 5 weeks.


YES, we offer free shipping within United States mainland. Normally, you will be able to get your products between one to three weeks. Shipping time are best effort estimation and are not guaranteed. For the rest of world, there will be some extra shipping charge depends on the country.

NOTE: If customers fail to be at the location to receive the package and/or refuse to work with us and the shipping company to retrieve the package, which result in the package being sent back to us, shipping cost will be charged (It can be very costly up to several hundreds of dollars).

How will my order be shipped?

Most fixtures will be shipped by UPS, FedEx, EMS, or USPS. For any specific delivery needs, please contact our Customer Support at support@sofary.com.

Where will my order be shipped from?

Depends on the products' availability, products will be shipped from our warehouse in United States or Overseas.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to USA, China, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK mainland and Europe. If you are not in those areas and would like to purchase from us, please contact our Customer Support at support@sofary.com

International shipping outside of our deliver areas?

If the order is going to be shipped to a location outside of the USA, the shipping costs will not be included in the price of the product. After such an order has been placed, our customer service team will email you a shipping quote for your approval, at which point the charges can be authorized or the order will be cancelled.

Who pays a tariff?

Depends on the products' availability, products will be shipped from our warehouse in United State or overseas. If it is shipped from overseas, in rare case, it may require you to contact Customs to provide validating information and pay importing taxes. Unfortunately, that is something we do not have control over, you are responsible to work with and pay importing tax.

If you refuse to work with Customs and result in the package being send back to us, we can not refund your payment.

Note: Please contact us before submitting information to Customs.

When will my order arrive?

Items are usually delivered from 10 - 15 business days with free shipping.

How can I track my package?

You will have a tracking number after the order is shipped and you will be able to track the package on the logistics company's track tool.

What if I cannot find my package?

In rare cases, you may not be able to find their products even though the tracking info from shipping agent, like Fedex or UPS, shows it as delivered. Do NOT worries! No matter what happened, we are always here to help and we will make sure that you will receive the product that you ordered.

There are several possibilities:

  • The package has not been delivered yet. Sometimes the package delivery will be delayed from 1 or 2 business days while the tracking info online showed as delivered.
  • The package could be delivered to your neighbors, which have happened several times. Please do check with our neighbors to see whether they received your package or not.
  • The package could be indeed lost. If you have waited for 2 business day and checked with your neighbors but still do not find the package. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@sofary.com. In the mean time, please do contact the shipping agent to file a package loss claim with the tracking number, which is unfortunately something that can only be done by the receiver (otherwise, we will do it for you). Once you filed the claim, please send us the claim number so that we can follow up with our shipping agent for the lost package investigation, which could take up to 5 business days.

It could take some extra time to receive the product if something went wrong during the shipping process, which is something that we definitely do not want it to happen but unfortunately out of our control. But rest assure, we will always be here to help!


Couldn't find the answer to your question on shipping? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.Contact us.