Chandelier Ideas: A Guide to Choosing the Right Crystal Chandeliers

Chandelier Ideas: A Guide to Choosing the Right Crystal Chandeliers

Get inspired from those crystal chandelier ideas directly from our customers! We’ve put together a selection of fresh chandelier ideas straight from our customers themselves. We hope these suggestions can help you make one of the most important decisions when choosing lighting fixtures for your home.
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Lighting plays a key role in the overall impact of any interior space and chandeliers are a great way to add a new dimension of style and beauty. More than just being a functional home accessory, chandeliers can easily help you achieve the desired ambiance of any room in your home.

We’ve put together a selection of fresh crystal chandelier ideas straight from our customers themselves. We hope these suggestions can help you make one of the most important decisions when choosing lighting fixtures for your home. Read on and take a step closer to building your dream home today with these great chandelier ideas.

Chandelier Ideas for Different Areas of Your Home

With so many concepts evolving in the field of interior design, choosing the right crystal chandeliers can get daunting. This is particularly true if you’re furnishing or designing your home without the help of a professional. No need to worry—we’ve gathered the best crystal chandelier ideas for every room in your home whether you’re going for a modern, contemporary, traditional, or more transitional look.

A. Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

Some of the best memories are made when dining with family and friends, so you’ll want a well-appointed dining room in your home. Beautiful dining room chandeliers help set the mood for such occasions and the first thing you need to consider is the overall concept of your dining area.

Do you have a modern dining room? Or does it have a more traditional or rustic feel? Is your dining room quite spacious? Does it have a high or low ceiling? Here are some suggestions that can help you come up with the right choice.

Crystal Chandeliers for Modern Dining Rooms

Modern dining rooms will benefit from a wide selection of chandeliers that complement the strong lines and natural colors associated with this particular design concept. Our modern crystal chandeliers can easily add a sense of opulence to your dining area without the need for a complete remodel. They’re available in different drop heights and illumination levels so you’ll never run out of options when choosing one for your dining room.

Modern Chandeliers for Dining Rooms | Sofary                                             

Crystal Chandeliers for Rustic Dining Rooms

If you prefer the farmhouse style, our selection of less ornate and single-tiered crystal chandeliers will seamlessly blend into any country-themed dining room. They provide the perfect level of illumination and come with just the right amount of detail without losing that distinct rustic character and charm.

Rustic Chandeliers for Dining Rooms | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Dining Rooms with High Ceilings

Large crystal chandeliers are your best bet if your dining room has a higher ceiling. They look stylish and elegant, easily filling up otherwise cold and empty spaces. They’ll even make a great conversation piece when you entertain guests in your home.

 Dining Rooms Chandeliers Ideas | Sofary

B. Foyer Chandelier Ideas

Foyers are often overlooked, but they’re actually crucial areas of the home and not merely pass-through spaces. In fact, foyers make lasting impressions and more importantly, they’re the first thing that greet you every time you come home. Don’t you think this area of your home deserve that extra attention as well?

Lighting up your foyer should be given some serious thought—who wants to come home to a drab and poorly lit entrance? We’ve put together top foyer chandelier picks that deliver both dramatic impact and the functionality that will make you and your guests comfortable.

Crystal Chandeliers for Large Foyers with High Ceilings

If your foyer has a high ceiling, a large or multi-layer crystal chandelier is an ideal choice. It will easily add a luxurious touch to an empty space and at the same time provide good ambient lighting.

Large Foyers Chandelier Ideas | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Small Foyers with High Ceilings

Maybe you have a high ceiling but the foyer space is not big enough. Don’t be limited by these constraints—you can always install an elongated crystal chandelier. It can save you space and beautify your foyer without getting too overwhelming.

Small Foyers Chandelier | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Foyers with Low Ceilings

A lower foyer ceiling does not mean you simply have to settle for mundane lighting. You can still use crystal lights - just choose a smooth flush mount, a glittering pendant light, or a small chandelier.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Foyer Chandeliers | Sofary

C. Living Room Chandelier Ideas              

Next to the exteriors, a living room makes the best first impression of any home. Make sure yours gives off the right one by selecting the best lighting source that’s both functional and pleasing to the eye.  

Keep in mind that your living room is not just for receiving visitors—more importantly, it’s where your whole family gathers to unwind and reconnect at the end of each day. Surely you’d want it to be relaxing and comfortable, and your choice of lighting can make or break the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Without a doubt, chandeliers are the top pick for primary living room lighting as they’re the best source of ambient light. A suitable lamp placed in a strategic area will also make a great addition, whether it is to add style, provide a decorative effect or improve the sense of space.

When it comes to choosing lighting for your living room, it still boils down to your design style. Check out our selection of living room chandeliers or try out these suggestions from our customers.

Crystal Chandeliers for Modern Living Rooms

These state-of-the art chandeliers will easily add a modern touch to any living room. Deviating from traditional and tiered crystal chandelier designs, this selection of lighting fixtures incorporate a robust blend of shape, form and intentional symmetry that will tie together all the elements of your modern living space.

Modern Chandelier for Living Room | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Large & Luxurious Living Rooms

Now here’s where you have more leeway when choosing the right chandelier for your spacious and luxurious living room. Compared to other light fixtures, crystal chandeliers are luxurious to begin with so you won’t have a hard time choosing one whatever the design style of your living room. Take a look at our top customer picks below.

Luxurious Chandeliers for Living Rooms | Sofary

Crystal Chandeliers for Smaller Living Rooms

Having a smaller living room doesn’t mean you can’t have a chandelier hanging from your ceiling. We have a wide range of compact and mini crystal chandeliers that will easily complement your living room design whether it’s modern, rustic, traditional, classic or contemporary.       

Living Room Chandelier Ideas | Sofary

D. Hallway Chandelier Ideas

Want to give an instant upgrade to your otherwise boring hallways? Make the most out of these narrow spaces by lighting them up with chandeliers. Chandeliers give you the best of both worlds when it comes to function and beauty, even for often neglected spaces in the home like your hallways.

Flush Mount Crystal Chandeliers for Hallways

Flush mount crystal chandeliers are your best options for areas with shorter ceilings like your hallways. They’re never overbearing and are a smart and stylish way to spruce up these connecting sections of your home.


Flush Mount Chandeliers for Hallways | Sofary

E. Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

Never underestimate the value of the most private space in your home—the bedroom. This is where you spend a third of your life resting, relaxing and recharging, so it makes great sense to give the bedroom your utmost attention. And unlike other rooms in the home which are designed with other people in mind, your bedroom allows you to display your personal style to the fullest.

Crystal Chandeliers for Bedrooms

There is no better way to enhance your bedroom than with a charming crystal chandelier. The dreamy light of crystal bedroom chandeliers softens the appearance of your bedroom, helping to create a relaxing atmosphere. This will help a lot with improving your sleep quality and daily mood.

Crystal Chandeliers for Bedrooms | Sofary

F. Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

Who said that chandeliers can only be used in large luxury rooms? Chandeliers also have their place in bathrooms, especially for people who consider this space their personal sanctuary. If you’re one of those who spend a considerable amount of time in the bath, the right bathroom chandelier can completely transform this space into a luxurious retreat away from it all!

Bathroom Chandelier Ideas | Sofary


When it comes to home lighting, chandeliers are best at making a dramatic statement while lighting up the entire volume of any living space. Traditionally used in dining rooms and living rooms, chandeliers have evolved over the years and found their way to other sections of the home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and hallways.

Thanks to their emphasis on non-direct and diffuse illumination, chandeliers deliver the best ambient lighting compared to other types of light fixtures. When choosing chandeliers for different areas of your home, make sure you select those that don’t divert from your design theme but rather enhance the particular surrounding space.

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