How to Find the Right Rectangular Crystal Chandelier for Your Home

How to Find the Right Rectangular Crystal Chandelier for Your Home

When you need to do what's best for your home living room, it's important that you take the time to add the fixtures that make a difference. Follow these guidelines to find the best rectangular chandelier for your home. 
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When you need to do what's best for your home living room, you must take the time to add the fixtures that make a difference. 

For example, something as simple as a rectangular crystal chandelier can add some decorative flair and brightness to any room. In shopping for one of these fixtures, you will need to learn about the points that matter most. 


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Follow these guidelines to find the best rectangular chandelier for your home. 

1. Consider the Mood and Environment of the Chandelier You're Going For

First off, what sort of mood are you thinking for your chandelier installation?

A large expansive chandelier for a ritzy dining room creates an entirely different vibe than a small, quaint chandelier overlooking your breakfast nook. This choice in figuring out the mood plays a role in everything from the size of the chandelier to the materials that it is made with. 

Taking a qualitative look at your reasons for buying and installing a new chandelier can guide you in your decision. By getting clear on this upfront, it'll be easier for you to carry out the rest of the planning process. 

Rectangular Crystal Chandelier for Dining Table - Sofary Lighting

2. Think About the Return on Investment (ROI) Possibility

Something as simple as upgrading your home with new lighting fixtures in the form of a chandelier can give you a great return on your investment. 

To maximize this ROI, you'll want to plan out every part of the installation. For instance, if you know you're almost ready to list your home on the market, installing a beautiful crystal chandelier is more likely to attract buyers. 

Keep reselling potential and equity in mind anytime that you are shopping for chandeliers. 

Be sure to showcase the chandelier in photos and videos if you are going to add a chandelier to a home that you're listing. Using this multimedia in this way, or in a virtual tour, can be compelling to potential buyers. 

3. Look Into the Various Types of Crystal

The availability of different types of the crystal is definitely something important that you will want to consider when it comes to installing a brand new chandelier in your household. 

A rectangular crystal chandelier can be crafted with anything from rock crystal or Czech crystal to beautiful Swarovski crystal. Many people today are opting for crystal over glass both due to safety and aesthetic reasons. 

Since the chandelier you are shopping for is patterned in the shape of a rectangle, you will need to make sure that you acquire crystals of uniform size and shape, otherwise, the unevenness will stand out more. 

In addition to the crystals themselves, consider the patterns in which these crystals are arranged. This will help you dictate what impression you are creating, based on how the light hits your eyes. 

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4. Make it High-Tech With LED Lighting

With today's chandelier, as with any other type of fixture, you need to always be thinking about saving energy and eco-friendliness. 

In this regard, it means making the switch to chandeliers crafted with LED lights. 

Some of the best selling chandeliers today make use of LED lighting, so the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a traditional chandelier that you wouldn't even know was made with LED lighting or a more high-tech, modern chandelier with dimmer switches and the whole nine,  several contractors can look out for you. 

Be sure that you look into energy efficient, high-tech LED lighting setups for your chandelier so you can enjoy these advantages. 


Vintage Clear Crystal Rectangular Chandelier - Dining Room - Sofary Lighting

5. Decide on the Price Range That Makes Sense for You

When shopping for any sort of rectangular crystal chandelier, it's also important that you begin to get feel for the price points. 

The work of actually installing the chandelier can cost you in the range of $115 and $260 depending on your room, the type of chandelier, and degree of difficulty involved. 

Since there are many different chandelier installation companies, give yourself the opportunity to receive as many price estimates as you can. This way, you will most likely find a reasonable deal for this service. 

There are several chandelier contractors, so give yourself some time to shop. 

6. Think About the Size of the Room Where the Chandelier Will Be Installed 

While many people go all-in when planning out what sort of chandelier they want, considering the room in which it will be installed comes first. 

Start by getting actual measurements of the room or looking at a blueprint that lays out the size. This way, you can have an exact ratio and will know exactly how much space the chandelier will take up. 

Aside from floorspace, you'll need to take inventory of vertical space, to be certain that the chandelier hangs properly above your door frames. All these sorts of matters will come into play when dictating how the chandelier looks in your living space. 


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7. Figure Out the Frame That Is Useful 

Be sure that you also choose the absolute perfect fame for your chandelier. A lot of people get caught up in the crystals and the fanciness of their chandelier, but the rectangular frame that you choose sets the tone. 

Picking a good frame will be the difference-maker for your installation, so give this decision the time that it requires. 

Rectangular Frame of Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

8. Get the Exact Dimensions of the Chandelier That You Need

Finally, make sure that you choose a chandelier that is the precise size and shape dimensions that you see fit. 

It is not an easy task, but learning how to choose the right size chandelier will add great ambiance and style for your home.

In this way, you'll get nothing but quality when it comes to the way that the installation is handled, and the way that it improves your room. 


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Shop for the Best Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

When you are shopping for a brand new chandelier, these are the tips that will guide you. Make the time to put these tips to use, and never hesitate to contact a chandelier shop that you feel comfortable with. 

We would be more than happy to assist you. 

If you're ready to shop for the best rectangular crystal chandelier, check out our story and start browsing our inventory. 

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