Crystal, Globe, or Waterfall? How to Pick the Right Chandelier Style for Your Home

Crystal, Globe, or Waterfall? How to Pick the Right Chandelier Style for Your Home

Not sure what type of chandelier will fit in your home? Make sure you keep reading below to learn how to pick the right chandelier style for your home.
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Have you been thinking about switching things up a bit? Or maybe you've been doing some remodeling? Either way, you've probably thought about replacing those old light fixtures. 

The best way to make a statement in any room is to hang a unique chandelier. These accessories have come a long way over the years. Today, there's a variety of styles to choose from.

So how will you know which chandelier style is the right pick for you and your home? There are some factors that you should consider. And when choosing between crystal, globe, or waterfall styles, it's important to know their differences.

If you need help, then you've stumbled across the right page! Continue reading to see which chandelier style suits your home best.

Crystal Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

Consider This

Before making a final decision, you need to be sure of your choice. Different style chandeliers suit different types of houses. And different rooms in your house may work better to hang a chandelier based on their size and style.

For example, a chandelier made from wood might work better in a farm-style home. A metal one would best compliment a modern home. And this is also true for each room's theme. 

So be prepared, and make sure you know which room would complement the chandelier best. Let's take a look at some factors to consider.

Crystal, Globe, or Waterfall? How to Pick the Right Chandelier Style for Your Home - Sofary Lighting

Decide on Placement

Decide on where you want to place your chandelier before taking any other steps. These accessories aren't only for entryways or staircases. The right chandelier can light up any room and add a touch of personality. 

Some chandelier styles work great as focal points in the kitchen. Others work best as grand statements for the entryway. Have you decided which room needs a chandelier's touch?

In the kitchen, you can hang a smaller sized model. Or try hanging several small chandeliers. 

For the entryway and staircase, you can hang a larger chandelier. This is ideal if you have high ceilings. 

When it comes to your dining room, consider the dining table. You don't want the chandelier to take away from the table. So it's best to not hang it over your table if it's more than half its size. 

Chandeliers also work well in bedrooms and bathrooms and can boost the elegance vibe in the room. You can have dim lights placed inside a bedroom chandelier for a more relaxing feel.

Crystal, Globe, or Waterfall? How to Pick the Right Chandelier Style for Your Home - Sofary Lighting

Make Measurements

Depending on what type of room or space you're decorating, you have an idea of what size chandelier you need. But it's best to take measurements before purchasing. Measure the room that deserves a chandelier the most. 

Also, measure the chandeliers before selecting one. Take your ceiling height and length of the chandelier into consideration. You don't want family, friends, or yourself banging your head on dangling crystals. You also want space to sit under a dining room table chandelier and room to stand when finished eating. You don't want to bang your head on it when leaving the table.

Check our chandelier size guide for more detailed guidance.

Compliment Surroundings

Whichever room you decide on, make sure it complements the chandelier and vice versa. An amazing chandelier should be the room's focal point because it adds that perfect touch. It shouldn't be the main focus because it's a sore eye compared to its surroundings.

These accessories come in so many unique styles. There's the right fit for any room design. 

Just make sure you choose one that fits. There are modern style chandeliers, colorful chandeliers, and even rustic chandeliers. With so many different types and designs, which different chandelier style will you choose?

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are elegant and timeless but can get expensive if made with real crystals. If money isn't an issue, then choosing real crystals is worth it! And if you need a beautiful chandelier that doesn't hurt your pocket, then choose one made with look-a-like crystals.

The price is much cheaper, and the elegance remains. No matter which you choose, the crystals come in several different cuts and styles. Some popular types of crystal choices are Swarovski elements, Egyptian/Moroccan, Turkish, and Italian.

The crystal style is what's commonly thought of when we think about chandeliers. They're made with a variety of crystals that hang down from the top. And the light shines through each one, creating shimmers of dancing white light.

This type of chandelier can be very romantic and suit a variety of home styles and designs. 

Luxury Solar System Spiral Raindrop Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

Globe Chandelier

Globe chandeliers are what their name suggests. They're shaped like globes. Rather than the opened frame look, they have some sort of wrapping around them to create a globe.

The lights on these accessories can be both inside and outside the globe, which can be made of clear glass, wood, metal, or even rope. It all depends on the style of chandelier. Some frames are even made from crystals. 

There are orb styles and even ones that look like lanterns. Your choices are unlimited! 

Globe Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

Waterfall Chandelier

Imagine standing under a glorious waterfall, watching the water splash downwards. Waterfall chandeliers produce the same effect and are gorgeous for any room. 

The crystals delicately drop down from the top of the chandelier like a waterfall. These models come in many different shapes and sizes. The waterfall crystal drops can hang down from a round shape, square shape, in tiers, and other forms.

One style of waterfall chandelier is made from transparent bubbles. The bubbles look like real bubbles attached together. And they connect below one another to create the waterfall shape. 

These chandelier styles are brilliant to hang over your bathtub. They fit into the water theme well. And again, you can place dim lights inside it for a more relaxing bathroom feel.

Waterfall Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

What Chandelier Style Suits You Best?


Which chandelier style do you want for your home? All the different chandelier styles are unique and stunning in their way. So the decision might be hard. 

But if you follow this guide and keep in mind what each one offers, you'll know exactly which one to pick. Your new chandelier is sure to be the highlight of your home! And for rooms that just can't go without a ceiling fan, look at our guide for picking the best chandelier ceiling fan!

Crystal, Globe, or Waterfall? How to Pick the Right Chandelier Style for Your Home - Sofary Lighting


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