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Why Are Raindrop Chandeliers a Great Addition to Any Home?

Do you want to enhance the beauty of your home's interior? One of our raindrop chandeliers can be the perfect addition to take your room to the next level while adding a classy feel and here's why.
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If you're looking to incorporate statement features into your decor, have you considered adding a raindrop chandelier? These vibrant, elegant light fixtures can take your interior lighting to the next level.

Classy in any decor, raindrop crystal designs are a modern take on the chandelier. A standout from the heavy aesthetic of more historic styles, they add an ethereal, illuminating presence to any room.

From the kitchen to the living area and beyond, a raindrop crystal chandelier might be what your interior design needs. Read on to find out how these stunning fixtures are perfect for your home.


Square Multi Layer Crystal Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

Make Your Rooms Feel Taller

Did you know that certain design elements can change a person's perception of a space? Incorporating strong vertical elements can make your room seem larger in scale than it is.

The raindrop crystals almost seem to hover in the air, relying on the thin vertical suspension to anchor them in place. A beautiful cascade of lights can draw the eye up its linear design, raising the visual height of the room.

Multiple vertical lines trick the eye into thinking a space is taller than it is. This visual effect can add scale and grandeur to any space, without bulky design or busy metal hardware to weigh down the lines of the room.


Modern Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

Create a Focal Point

Raindrop crystal light fixtures are the perfect focal point. They are equally suited to anchoring a seating arrangement or lighting a meal at the dinner table. A translucent light fixture such as this can create a central area without obscuring the vision of those around it.

Especially for tighter areas, a crystal chandelier can create drama without overwhelming a space. This perfect harmony between visual interest and minimalism is ideal for areas where heavier styles may unbalance the flow of a room.


Luxury Solar System Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

Add Instant Luxury

While a dining table may be traditional, hanging raindrops in unexpected places creates an air of upscale luxury.

The soft, refracted lighting of hundreds of crystals is the perfect way to wrap a boudoir in flattering glow. Or picture a spa-like master bath, the relaxing cascades of glowing baubles echoing the feel of a glistening waterfall.

Yet another place to invite a luxe atmosphere could be an entryway. A raindrop chandelier hung to welcome guests is a visually stunning picture from any entry windows in your foyer. Leave an unforgettable impression on visitors from the first.


Staircase Chandelier - Sofary Lighting

A Beautiful Stairway

Many stairways are a neglected design area that often carries empty space within them. Hanging a raindrop fixture above the lowest stair can illuminate and enlarge a dark stairwell. The transparent nature of raindrop crystals won't dwarf the space, instead of leaving it open and airy.

This aesthetic is magnified in spiral stairways. An elongated raindrop style suspended in the center of a spiral stairway will take that architectural feature to new heights.

Designs for Every Interior

Some people may consider a chandelier as a fixture meant for traditional interiors. A wonderful thing about raindrop chandeliers is that they defy these design expectations.


Modern Kitchen Bubble Glass Raindrop Chandelier - Sofary Lighting


Have a modern kitchen? A  modern rectangular raindrop light fixture can produce plenty of light while still maintaining a sleek and urban aesthetic.

What about an eclectic and contemporary sitting room? Pair it perfectly with a geometric fixture of unusual shapes to compliment a wide variety of blended design styles.

Even for the most elegant spaces, raindrop chandeliers come in timeless tiered designs with that classic theater or ballroom aesthetic.

On-Trend Lighting

Oversized, overhead lighting is one of the most popular lighting trends of 2018. A raindrop chandelier is a perfect way to freshen up space and give it a new vibrancy.

Stay on the pulse of the latest home interior trends by incorporating dramatic lighting as a focal point in your rooms.

Unified Design

Not only is statement lighting practical for your home, but it's also a classic style element that is essential to interior design. Professional designers know that the inclusion of light makes or breaks a room.

Installed with a dimmer switch, raindrop fixtures can be adjusted to match the tone and ambiance of any situation. It's easy to go from a low-lit night of conversation with friends to a brighter spread that's perfect for work or play.

Fixtures in this style use LED, energy-efficient bulbs. Crystal chandeliers maximize the light distribution of your bulbs. They even bounce light from other fixtures across the room. The refraction of many small lights against the crystal creates a dazzling and well-lit space with low energy output.

Choose to use warm light for an intimate and inviting space, or dazzle with cool tone bulbs to really illuminate your crystal. You can even colored bulbs for a unique lighting experience.

Raindrop Chandeliers: Beautiful and Versatile

If you are looking to add light, beauty, and unity to a space, raindrop chandeliers are an ideal design solution. A focal point all their own, these fixtures create breathtaking visual interest that can elevate the look of any type of room.

Do you need statement lighting for your space? Sofary carries a wide range of chandeliers and accent lighting to suit a variety of home decor. Direct from the manufacturer, we cut the middleman so we can pass the savings onto the consumer.

We carry beautiful, artistic fixtures made of high quality K9 crystal at up to 80% below traditional retail pricing. Our designers can even create a custom piece to your specifications.

For luxury lighting at an affordable price, visit us at Sofary today.


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