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We spend one-third or more of our time every day in the bedroom. Having a comfy and romantic atmosphere for your bedroom is super important. As we know, lighting can easily change the room’s atmosphere. A right bedroom chandelier  can create a calm and serene atmosphere. Crystal chandeliers take the bedroom from boring to glamorous. Do you know how to choose the right chandelier for your bedroom? Check out How to Choose the Beautiful Brilliance of a Bedroom Chandelier for more information.

The cool white light makes a room feel neat, clean, and efficient. The warm light makes your home feel cozy. How to choose the right lighting for your bedroom? This article should be able to help: What You Need to Know about Lights.

Choosing the proper size of the crystal chandelier should also be considered. Having anything too large or too small clearly will ruin the decoration. Reading Chandelier Size Guide will help you out. 

Sofary is committed to bring high quality luxury lighting products directly from manufacturers to customers – for a fraction of the price. All our products enjoy free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee if there is any quality issue. Having more questions? Feel free to contact us any time. We're here to help!

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